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Xdrier committed to manufacturing dehumidifier and doing restoration services


About Us

Xdrier is a leading dehumidification provider and a service company committed to water damage restoration and remediation services which with over 10 years of experience in the field, we offer portable dehumidifier, industrial dehumidifier, for applications such as home,indoor swimming pool, spa, server room, library, laboratory, museums, warehouse and industrial applications, to help you solve the tricky business with serious comfort, health and safety risks.

Xdrier's mission is to solve user comfort better than any other manufacturer in the business. And We provide an end-to-end solution that leaves nothing to chance. We provides greater value, convenience or peace-of-mind which 24-7 factory performance monitoring, secure remote trouble-shooting capabilities, and email maintenance reminders. Xdrier transport experience, equipment and value you can count on, we look forward to working with you!


Xdrier has over the past decade been manufacturing dehumidifiers. We have a strong team and a wide range of product categories.

  • Solutions for wide range of applications
  • Over 10 years' experience
  • Capacity to handle projects on any scale
  • Extensive range of units
  • Excellence quality
  • Integrity first
  • Customer satisfaction

For more informations, you may call us at 1111 1111 or email,or visit our website at


Specializing in Dehumidifiers

Price: $688 $888

Are you in the market for an indoor dehumidifier? you're in the right place! see our new youtube Xdrier videos,you will find the solution.


Become a Partner

If you have an entrepreneurship inclination. Join us, and let’s teach you how you can improve your home and office environment.

Customized Service

If you have your own design, we will customize it according to your specifications.

Become a Volunteer

We will invite you to a dealership training conference at our facility, It is intended to help customer’s breath fresh air.


The warranty states that the product will be fit for the intended purpose in both material and workmanship, and free from defects whether patent or latent, and complies with all the applicable state and federal laws.


life time expert tech support

bumper to bumper

industry-best warranty service

The products and their accessories are guaranteed against manufacturing defects,for at least one year from the date, it was purchased. Also, defects or losses caused by negligence, a warranty will cover normal tear and wear.

The warranty covers defects that will be encountered when using the product and will not apply in the event of loss and damage caused by mishandling, improper packaging, improper installation, abuse alteration, and failure to follow maintenance procedures listed in the Xdrier manual. Also, the warranty will not cover losses due to services performed by any other technician other than Xdrier authorized service provider. Also, replacement or returns of the accessories and products will be subject to replacement, shipping, restocking, and handling fees.

What We Do?

Our customer satisfaction is our most unwavering commitment and one of our
most striking, even most important, distinctive qualities.

Tailor-made roducts

We have the richest experience to meet customers`s different requirements, we go beyond the ordinary, just to keep you happy.


We restore your environment with cutting edge technologies,your home and business spaces will not exposed to pollutants constantly.

Advanced technology

We restore your environment with cutting edge technologies,your home and business spaces will not exposed to pollutants constantly.

Same-day delivery

All orders can be processed within 1 business day after receiving your order confirmation message.


We have a dedicated support staff team that responds to customer queries and concerns with the urgency they deserve.

rich categories

Xdrier prides on creating the highest quality products,offer a wide range of dehumidifiers which can supply the needs of ever changing it serves.